City Centre (Downtown) Revitalization & Redevelopment

Location: Downtown Belleville
Budget: $22.36 million (2015-2017)
Timeline (Design): Phases 2 & 3 – July to October 2015
Timeline (Construction): Phase 1 – May to November 2015, Phase 2 – 2016, Phase 3 – 2017

Work was completed in 2012 to establish an Intensification Plan for the City Centre as a follow-up to the 2006 Downtown Master Plan. In order to implement this Intensification Plan it is necessary to upgrade the existing municipal services within the downtown core to provide the needed servicing capacity to accommodate the new development and growth envisioned by the Intensification Plan and replace aged infrastructure.

The City Centre Revitalization and Redevelopment (CCRR) Project is a multi-year municipal services and streetscape project that will reconstruct Front Street and a number of adjacent side streets in Belleville’s Downtown.

Underground infrastructure work will include:

  • Removal and replacement of watermains
  • Relining of sanitary sewers
  • Replacement of sanitary sewers
  • Replacement of storm sewers
  • Installation of new utilities

Surface work will include:

  • Reconstruction of roads, boulevards, and sidewalks, including new asphalt, concrete and clay brick pavements;
  • Installation of new urban design and landscape elements including new street lights and traffic signals, street furniture, granite-curb planters, and street trees.

The initial design was completed by the architectural firm of Office for Responsive Environments (ORE), in partnership with the engineering firm of LEA Consulting Ltd.

The initial tender process took place in the summer of 2014, which resulted in bids exceeding the allotted budget. As a result, the tender was cancelled and the consultants and City staff conducted a review of the design and contract approach to identify potential sources of cost savings. A new approach and design changes were developed and adopted in December of 2014 and work has proceeded in accordance with the new plan, which included separating the project into three phases (contracts) to be completed over three years, as follows:.

Phase 1 of the project, to be completed November 2015, includes approximately 130 metres of Station Street, from Church Street to Pinnacle Street, and 390 metres of Front Street, from Pinnacle Street to Victoria Avenue.

Phase 2 of the project, to be completed in 2016, includes Front Street from Victoria Avenue to Bridge Street, including portions of Victoria Avenue and Campbell Street between Front Street and Pinnacle Street.

Phase 3 of the project, to be completed in 2017, includes Front Street from Bridge Street to Dundas Street, including portions of Bridge Street, Market Street and Macannany Street between Front Street and Pinnacles Street.

Thursday, September 15

Front Street has re-opened to vehicular traffic. Stage 4 has started and major construction efforts have moved on to Victoria Avenue.

The Contractor will continue to have a presence on Front Street during the day to finish work relating to landscaping, lighting, and sidewalks. During this time vehicular traffic may be limited to alternating single lanes.

Once complete, this last section of Front Street will resemble the earlier work done on Front Street from Pinnacle Street to Victoria Avenue. This includes upgrades to the underground infrastructure (new watermain, new or relined sanitary sewers and new utilities); reconstructed roads, boulevards, and sidewalks, with new asphalt, concrete, and brick paver surfaces; and new urban design elements including street lights and traffic signals, street furniture, granite-curb planters, and trees.

“Once again, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the businesses and residents of our downtown for their continued patience and support,” said Mayor Taso Christopher. “With Front Street re-opening we can truly start to enjoy the benefits of our renewed City Centre.”

Stage 4 construction, which spans into November, will be concentrated on Victoria Avenue and involves the installation of watermain and other underground work. To complete this, Victoria Avenue will only be accessible to local vehicular traffic from Pinnacle Street. Pedestrian access to Victoria Avenue will be maintained at all times.


Phase 1 was substantially completed on December 3, 2015 with a ribbon cutting ceremony held on that date.  Some deficiency remedial work required for Phase 1 has been completed with the rest of the work being completed in 2016.

The tender for Phase 2, Contract No. ENG2016-07 was awarded by Council on March 29, 2016 to Len Corcoran Excavating Limited in the amended amount of $8,056.254.95 plus $1,047,313.14 HST for a total amount of $9,103,568.09. An information night was hosted by the BDIA on April 19th for downtown membership, followed by an information night hosted by the City at the Build Belleville office for Phase 2 stakeholders on April 20th. A detailed presentation was made by project staff and Len Corcoran Excavating to present a revised construction schedule that would see the project delivered in five (5) stages and completed earlier than stipulated in the contract.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 25, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at the corner of Front Street and Campbell Street to kick-off Phase 2 construction. Phase 2, Stage 1 was completed from April 25 to May 5 and focused primarily on service excavations on Front Street between Victoria Avenue and Campbell Street.

Rehabilitation of the walkway that connects the Catharine Street Footbridge to Front Street began May 4th and will be ongoing for approximately 3-4 weeks. This walkway will be completed with new brick pavers to emulate the work completed in neighbouring walkways during the kick-start project.

Phase 2, Stage 2 began May 5th with construction continuing on Front Street stretching from Victoria Avenue to Bridge Street. Campbell Street is also closed to vehicular traffic during this stage. Len Corcoran Excavating has built the temporary overland water in preparation to switch buildings from the water main to temporary water as part of this Stage. Service excavations are on-going on Front St between Victoria Ave and Bridge St East and installation of Veridian, Cogeco and streetlight infrastructure is underway on Campbell St.

The Project Coordinator has met with all stakeholders in the downtown to address any questions or concerns from stakeholders regarding the staging plan and revised construction schedule. A project update is being prepared bi-weekly and provided to downtown stakeholders and the public for information.

The Business Continuity Plan prepared as part of Phase 2 that will address communication with stakeholders throughout construction, maintaining access to businesses, and addressing public parking that is displaced due to construction has been implemented and is ongoing on a daily basis with site visits, signage placements, notices being issued, etc..

As a result of consultation with the BDIA and parking authority, Council has approved 2 hour free parking in the Riverside Parking Lot during Phase 2 construction. This has been in place since April 25th and parking signage has been installed at downtown gateways directing vehicles to the parking lot, in addition to signage throughout the parking lot indicating 2 hour free parking.

A communications plan has been executed as a result of a partnership between Build Belleville and the BDIA. This plan addresses communication with stakeholders, directional signage, marketing and promotion to inform stakeholders and the public, and that builds awareness around the improvements being made in downtown Belleville.

Active Communication tools include transit bus ads, bridge banners, digital billboard ads, social media, radio, Feel good Friday giveaways, and contests.

Communications Plan – Phase 2 Construction

Financial Summary- June 2016

Denis Pianarosa, Project Manager
Tel: 613-968-6481 ext. 3339

Elisha Purchase, Build Belleville Projects Coordinator
Tel: 613-967-3200 ext. 3336

Progress Report

Hire Design Team 100%
Approvals 100%
Design 100%
Public Consultation 75%
Issue Construction Contracts 66%
Construction 50%